Collecting Fashion Dolls To Restore


by:  Roselyn Gadia-Smitley

I have been a fashion doll collector for over 30 years and find enjoyment in pristine condition dolls and fixer upper dolls.  Why collect fixer upper dolls when I can afford pristine ones?  I find the challenge of restoring fashion dolls most satisfying. When restoring a doll, keep in mind that the process should be temporary and reversible.  History of the original condition of the doll will add to its story.  Photograph your doll, record the price of the doll, note markings of the doll (commonly at the back of the head and torso), keep its original box at any condition if available,  and  keep clothes that came with the doll and various accessories.  Most of all, research the doll through the internet and the library before you begin the restoration process.  If you purchased the doll from its original owner, interview the individual.  Records of the interview will add interest to the history of the doll.

In this website, I'm adding links of my restored fashion dolls which gave me a lot of pride and enjoyment in my handiwork.  It is my hope to add to the body of knowledge of doll restoration.

To view the articles on doll restorations, please click at the pictures below:

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Restore1: "Flair: Sun 'n Fun" by Totsy Restore2: "Bionic Woman" by General Mills Fun Group Restore3: "Tuesday Taylor" by Ideal Restore4: "14RA" (Grocery Store Doll) Restore5: "Cissy" by Madame Alexander Restore6: "Barbie" 1970s by Mattel Inc. Restore7: "Jem" by Hasbro



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