Retirement Hobby - Collecting Barbie

By:  Roselyn Gadia-Smitley


Photo1:  Barbie Dolls.  Left:  Nikki (1990), Raquelle (2003), and Jewel Girl (1998) in custom and hand-embroidered dresses.  All dolls are "rescue dolls" from the thrift shop.

Retirement hobbies can involve many kinds of activities such as volunteering, gardening, quilting, reading, and various other activity.  I am four years away from early retirement and in looking back at an activity that I held on to is collecting Barbie dolls.  I have many fashion dolls, but Barbie is one that can be obtained inexpensively.  One can purchase a play doll from the local store at around $7.00 to a rescued Barbie from a thrift shop for $2.00.

I combine my hobby of sewing and doll collecting. Since I sew, I have many small remnants that can be utilized for doll clothing.  I plan to be active in a doll club when I retire.  I used to be a member of one and had quite a lot of fun.  However, since I am still gainfully employed as an educator, I have little time for the club presently. 

My experience in the club membership was a fun pastime.  The members of the club spanned from all ages, young women and young-at-heart.  There were a lot of conversations regarding dolls, accessories, and updates on dolls in the marketplace.  I enjoyed the sharing of information. 

If you are thinking of picking up an inexpensive hobby, Barbie doll collecting will definitely be a fun one to begin with.  Use and recycle materials that you already have at home.  For doll clothes pattern, there are many free patterns in the internet and in library books.  Be creative and enjoy a new hobby.  

 Happy Collecting!

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