Bionic Woman Doll - Lime Lite Dress

by:  Roselyn Gadia-Smitley

The Bionic Woman Doll, based on the television series of "Bionic Woman", was released in 1974-1978.  The first edition was a 13" action doll and the second edition was a 12 1/4".  Separate clothing packs were available for the Bionic Woman doll which included a long dress called "Lime Lite".  The dress packs fitted both sizes as the styles facilitated ample easing for both sizes.


                                       Photo1                                                                       Photo2

Photo1:  Bionic Woman - Lime Lite Dress (NRFB).  Front view of package of never-removed condition of the outfit and shoes from the box.  At in 2013, NRFB Bionic Woman outfits are selling for over $50.00.

Photo2:  Bionic Woman - Lime Lite Package.  Back view of sealed package of "Lime Lite" dress, featuring available fashions for the Bionic Woman doll.

Photo1 and 2  sources:

I purchased an opened dress package of "Lime Lite" to examine the outfit closely. According to the back packaging of the dress, two categories of fashion packs were offered:  (1) Designer Collection and (2) Designer Budget Fashions.  The "Lime Lite" dress is categorized in the Designer Budget Fashions which also included white platform shoes.


                                                Photo3                                                                Photo 4

Photo 3:  Bionic Woman - Lime Lite Dress.  Front view of the Lime Lite Dress.

Photo 4:  Bionic Woman - Lime Lite Dress.  Back view of the Lime Lite Dress.

Photo3 and 4 sources:

"Lime Lite" is a full length maxi dress without sleeves.  The dress opens at the back and closes with two small snaps.  The dress is of lime green color with direct floral print. The print is formed with small white dots.  The dress has round cutouts at the sides.  The collar is cut in V-neck, in contrast to the round neck which is featured in the photograph at the front of the package.  The dress is made of medium weight double knit 100% polyester fabric which was the fashion fabric of  the 1970s.  The silhouette of this dress is bell-shaped in three sections; one for the front bodice and two for the back bodices.

If you have the skill of sewing, this dress can be replicated readily because of its simple construction lines.  Happy Collecting!