Bionic Woman Doll - Body Sculpt

by:  Roselyn Gadia-Smitley


            Photo1                           Photo2                                    Photo3

Photo1:  Bionic Woman Doll Front View.  Front view of the Bionic Woman dolls shows the articulation points of the doll.

Photo2:  Bionic Woman Doll Close Up of Front View. This view shows a close up of the front of the Bionic Woman doll with its deteriorating rubber sleeve.

Photo3:  Bionic Woman Doll Close Up of Back View. This view shows a close up of the back of the Bionic Woman doll.

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There are two issues of the Bionic Woman doll.  These are the measurements of the dolls:

First Issue:                                                    Second Issue:

   Height = 13"                                               Height = 12  3/4"

   Bust = 6  1/4"                                              Bust = 6"

   Shoulder to Bust Point = 1 1/2"               Shoulder to Bust Point = 1 1/2"

   Waist = 4 1/2"                                             Waist = 4  1/2"

   Hip = 6  1/8"                                                Hip = 6"

   Upper Chest = 2"                                        Upper Chest = 2"

   Torso Length = 3  1/4"                               Torso Length = 3"

   Waist to Flat Foot = 7  7/8"                       Waist to Flat Foot = 7 1/2"

   Arm Length = 5"                                          Arm Length = 5"

The Bionic Woman doll has fourteen points (14) of articulation.  The head turns at a full 360 degrees with clicking sounds.  The wrists also turn at 360 degrees.  All other points of articulation simply move in a front and back position. 

The blonde nylon hair of the Bionic Woman doll is rooted to a softer head.  The body, arms, and legs are of hard plastic.  Both legs have flaps to cover the bionic inserts. She has bionic plastic inserts on the right upper arm, right  lower arm, and upper part of both legs.  She has painted features.  My four dolls have hazel eyes.  

A notable accessory of this doll is the rubber flesh-tone sleeve which can be taken off. The rubber sleeve can either deteriorate with age or are torn after play.  The rubber sleeve is seldom found in played-with dolls.  She has a hole in her right ear which suggests a place for her bionic ear implant.

If you are a fashion designer, the information above will be helpful in the pattern making of the Bionic Woman's doll clothing.  Happy Collecting!