Barbie Dolls:  When To Collect Reproduction Issues

By:  Roselyn Gadia-Smitley


Photo1:  Photo Illustration of Barbie: Student Teacher Reproduction (2009).

Photo1:  Photo illustration of Barbie as "Student Teacher" (2009).  There is a cardboard text inside the package which states that she received her Ph.D. in fashion.  Therefore, she is no longer a student teacher but a university professor.  Photo credit:

Collecting pristine vintage collectible dolls is the dream of many Barbie doll collectors.  However for many individuals, collecting such treasures are cost prohibitive.  As a working career woman with a spouse, I definitely cannot splurge on hundreds or thousands of dollars for my Barbie collection.  My solution is to acquire vintage reproduction Barbie dolls.

Reproduction Barbie dolls are very similar to the original dolls of the early years, also manufactured by Mattel Inc.  These are sold as "Barbie Collectibles".  There may be some slight changes, but the appearance definitely harkens to the original time when Barbie was made.  When purchasing reproduction Barbie dolls, do not expect for the dolls to increase in value.  Many reproductions sold in auction sites are priced much lower than when they were sold.  Acquire a reproduction Barbie doll because you enjoy the doll rather than for investment purposes.

If you are handy at sewing, there are many nude reproduction vintage Barbie dolls that are available in the internet, namely at  They are sold at a fraction of the cost compared to the price when they were acquired.  My speculation is that the dolls were purchased for their clothing to dress nude vintage dolls.

I have several reproduction dolls in my collection of which "Barbie: Student Teacher" is my favorite.  It is interesting to note that the reproduction Barbie as Student Teacher in 2009 acquired a Ph.D.; therefore, she is no longer a student teacher, but a university professor.  I left her in her unopened box as the paraphernalia are small pieces that can be easily be lost.  The rest of my reproduction Barbie dolls are deboxed for my enjoyment.  

Happy Collecting!

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